• Hawk's Arctic Southeast, Inc., a Sub-Chapter S Corporation was founded in September, 1978 by Daniel R. Hawk, Sr., Daniel R. Hawk, Jr. and Richard Alan Hawk for the primary purpose of selling Arctic Ice Vending Machines. After only a few months, the Hawks realized the vending machines they purchased for resale were of poor quality, so they discontinued sales. The trust of their customers was essential and they were guided by the belief that their reputation for fair dealing and commitment to maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards could not be compromised. Daniel Hawk, Sr., owner of a food brokerage and distribution company, became an inactive partner. He did, however, continue to provide office and warehouse facilities. Owing a local bank, Dan and Richard Hawk worked full time as well as additional part-time jobs, sold personal assets, and met all business and personal obligations.

    After much discussion and consideration, the brothers approached the idea of going into the restaurant equipment and supply business, which was relevant to their current customer base and had recurring sales. They conducted a marketing survey of restaurants in Montgomery, Alabama, talked with their competitors, accountant, and banker, and attended a national trade show to conduct further research. The first orders for restaurant equipment and supplies were placed in October 1979. They were able to pay the bank in August 1982 for all previous debt. In October 1982, Daniel Hawk, Sr. transferred his shares of stock to Dan and Richard in exchange for real estate. The offices were then moved to their former address at Lamco Street. Through advice from their banker and accountant, the brothers changed to a Corporation in December 1982 and Hawk, Inc. was formed. Daniel R. Hawk, Jr. serves as President with his brother, Richard Alan Hawk as Vice President.

    Overall management of the company is handled by Dan Hawk with Richard Hawk aggressively heading up the Sales Department. The Hawk brothers have led the firm through periods of devastating economy, as well as economic prosperity. At all times their beliefs in character and values remained unchanged. They developed long-lasting and strong business relationships with individual customers and contractors alike. Clients' long-term interests have always been put first. All contracts are examined impartially and recommendations for the best option are made. Customers can count on service from the early stages of the project to long after the project is concluded.

    After starting in negotiated sales, progression was made to a combination of negotiated sales and contracts. The emphasis on negotiated sales decreased and the contract segment of the industry has been the primary focus for many years. Hawk, Inc. is one of only a few dealers in the United States that specializes in Military Specification contract work. The company has had ongoing projects in a total of 11 states in one given year and has completed projects spanning the entire United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and in various European countries. However, efforts are focused primarily in the Southeastern states.

    During the first quarter of 2002, the company reached a level of security and achievement allowing it to purchase a building six times the size of its previous location. The company then relocated to its current address of 301 Hawk Place. This move opened the door for many future possibilities in diversification and corporate growth. In November 2015, Hawk announced the opening of its 15,000 sf retail store to the public, at this same address. Hawk, Inc. is geared up for growth in the coming years and the Owners, as well as the staff, are enthusiastic as to what the future will bring.